Auto Assist Coverage

Mandatory Coverage

Punctured tyres
Jammed gear lock
Over-heating problem
Theft recovery
(Services is limited to information provision the stolen vehicle be seen on the road by Perodua associate and will relay any related information to the police)
Flat battery assistance - Jump start service
(Towing service will provided to the nearest authorised Perodua service centre for genuine part replacement)
Ignition/ Wiring problem
Flood damage
Heavily damaged front windscreen
(Heavily damage, subject vehicle is not fit to be driven on the open road)

Additional Upon Request Coverage (Chargeable)

Complication due to negligence
Faulty windscreen wipers
Water in fuel tank
Vehicle stuck in pothole
Faulty vehicle lights
Ignition key is locked in vehicle
Gear lock problem due to broken key
Vehicle accidentally filled with diesel instead of petrol
Faulty central locking
Faulty vehicle petrol gauge
Faulty power windows
Car located at areas not accessible to tow trucks
(Eg:- river, beach, muddy area)
Towing from a workshop to another workshop