Frequently Asked Questions

Q What should I do when my car breaks down or involved in accident?
A Call our Auto Assist by Perodua Total Protect (Auto Assist) toll-free line, 1-800-88-5555 for assistance. Our call centre is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience.
Q Who is Auto Assist member?
A All new Perodua owners insured (comprehensive insurance) with Perodua insurance panels at authorised Perodua Showroom. Member is eligible for a one (1) year FREE Auto Assist membership. Member can renew their motor insurance (comprehensive insurance) at any authorised Perodua showrooms outlets to enjoy a one (1) year FREE Auto Assist membership.
Q If I renew my vehicle insurance other than Perodua Insurance partners, do I entitled for Auto Assist benefits & coverage?
A No. Kindly renew your vehicle insurance at any authorised Perodua showrooms to get Auto Assist for free. Not only Auto Assist, you may enjoy other attractive benefits under Perodua Total Protect programme.
Q How can I subscribe for Auto Assist?
A At the moment, Auto Assist is only available for free with purchase of new vehicle insured with Perodua insurance partners and insurance renewal at authorised Perodua Showroom.
Q Do all Perodua vehicles covered by Auto Assist?
A Only vehicles registered for private usage are covered by Auto Assist. Vehicles used for commercial purpose (hire & drive, taxi, driving school and  etc) are not covered.
Q Do I need to pay for any charges when Auto Assist repairs or tow my car?
A For minor repairs, the services will be free (Jump star & changes puntured tyres only).For breakdown services the towing fee is free up to 100KM or RM300 whichever comes first.
Q Would the benefits under Auto Assist be extended to any of my family members or friends when they drive my car?
A Yes, Auto Assist will still provide the breakdown and towing services to them free of charge providing the vehicle involved is registered with Auto Assist. However,other benefits will not be extended to any of them.
Q How long can I enjoy the benefits?
A You can enjoy the benefits free of charge, for the period of 12 months. The coverage of your Auto Assist membership will take effect from the date of the insurance coverage.
Q What if I sell my car?
A The benefits and your rights under this program will cease the moment you sell off your car.
Q Where to submit claim to enjoy Auto Assist benefits?
A Submit related documents to authorised Perodua showroom or service centre.
* Terms and conditions apply.