Plant & Manufacturing Operations

  • Factory area 64,000 square metres
  • Production capacity 250,000 units per annum on 2-shift cycle.


  • Press shop
  • Body shop
  • Casting, machining, engine assembly (CMK)
  • Paint shop
  • Logistic
  • Assembly shop
  • Training centre / Quality audit
  • Pre-delivery inspection (PDI)
  • Stockyard
  • Parts warehousing

Research & Development

Our R&D focuses on developing our capabilities in automotive technologies ranging from basic testing, design and styling engineering to manufacturing engineering skills.

The activities include styling / modelling, concept car development and the ability to undertake major facelifts.

Perodua has invested substantially amount in manpower and IT sofware for its R&D activities.

The main activities of the R&D are localisation of car parts and components, styling and modeling of future models and facelifts of current product range. Other R&D facilities are the chamber, engine test lab and test course.


Localisation Activities

The manufacturing capabilities of PERODUA and local Malaysian component manufacturers have resulted in achieving 75 LMCP (Local material component points) in the manufacturing of the Kancil i.e. an optimal level for localisation given economies of scale requirements. 

  • In-house localisation
  • Press Parts
  • Engine Parts (intake manifold, cylinder head, camshaft, crankshaft, cylinder block)
  • Third party vendors, SMI (metal, plastic, electrical, rubber, sub-assembly, others)
  • Joint venture operations