Pre-Owned Vehicles

Get a great deal for your new Perodua when you trade in your current car.

Prices as good as anywhere else

  • Our pre-owned vehicle valuation prices are regularly updated and benchmarked against market trading prices, ensuring you always get a fair deal.
  • We provide a fair valuation based on the condition of your vehicle.

Hassle-free service

  • Trade-in vehicle can be used as down payments when purchasing new Perodua vehicles.  You only have to surrender your trade-in vehicle when you collect your new vehicle.
  • Guaranteed full settlement of Hire Purchase loans within two (2) weeks of delivery of your new vehicle.  We will undertake any summons incurred by your trade-in vehicle during this period.

Safe and immediate ownership transfer

  • We use Sistem Tukar Milik Sementara (STMS) powered by, an online system that enables hassle-free transfers of vehicle ownership from our Perodua branch.
  • The process is fast and entirely secure, requiring your MyKad and thumbprint for authentication.
  • Assured ownership transfer within 14 days in compliance with Malaysian Law, Act 333, Road Transport Act 1987.
  • No worries about future summons incurred by your trade-in vehicle once ownership is transferred.

Valuation Advisors you can trust

  • All our valuation advisors have the necessary certification to appraise pre-owned vehicles professionally.
  • Every valuation advisor is trained extensively, equipped with in-depth knowledge and automotive skills in appraising any vehicle irrespective of vehicle brand and age.
  • Our pre-owned vehicle valuation service is absolutely FREE.


*Terms and conditions apply.