Perodua officially launches Perodua Total Protect

20 Apr 2017

Kuala Lumpur, 20 April: Perodua and its insurance panel officially launched a “Perodua Total Protect” motor insurance programme which provides additional benefits and long term protection for their customers. The “Perodua Total Protect” covers full coverage of the sum insured for the first five years of the vehicle’s age.

 “In the event of a total loss or theft the customer is entitled for the full sum insured and not based on market value at the time of the loss,” Perodua Sales Sdn Bhd Managing Director Dato’ Dr. Zahari Husin said.

Perodua President & Chief Executive Officer, Datuk (Dr) Aminar Rashid Salleh was also present at the official launch. The “Perodua Total Protect” offers 10 years’ coverage on access, loading and betterment. This means that the insurance panel which under this programme will waive any additional or access and betterment charges up to 10 years.

In addition, this programme also give advanced Auto Assist free towing service coverage that includes a 24/7 coverage assist; terms and conditions apply of course.

“Those requiring assistance under the Perodua Total Protect programme are welcomed to call our toll free number and we will dispatch a team to you,” Dato’ Dr. Zahari said. This version of auto assist also offers roadside assistance for example to help change a flat tyre or jump start a battery.

Another advance feature under our Auto Assist is the emergency evacuation services whereby the Auto Assist team will offer medical evacuation from accident scene to any hospital or medical facility nearby. The Auto Assist member or its authorised driver is also eligible for emergency medical services under the programme.

The Auto Assist team will also contact members of the family or loved ones as a complementary service when utilising the emergency evacuation services.

When waiting for repairs, the Perodua Total Protect also offers alternative transport assistance by providing discounts for car rental services of up to 30% and even free hotel accommodations for accident cases.

The Perodua Total Protect programme also include flood damage reimbursement, covers loss of personal belonging due to vehicle break-in or in case the vehicle is stolen and even non-insurance accident repair claim.