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Perodua Dojo

Dojo is the place where training activities are conducted in our pursuit to acquire the necessary professional skills, discipline, and spirit. ‘Do’ is the way to acquire professional skills, discipline, and spirit. ‘Jo’ is the place where training activities are being conducted.

Safety Driving TrainingManufacturing Training on PartsDojo - In Car Training
Dojo - Basic SkillDojo - Mechanism TrainingDojo - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
Forklift TrainingDojo - New Employee TrainingDojo - Safety in Work
Human Development Plan

Training Programmes

Training programmes conducted are divided into 2 categories:

Personal Skills

Team Navigation
To foster awareness of the team spirit and to reinforce commitment to the team’s shared goals and objectives.
Creative, Critical, and Analytical Thinking
To equip technical and administrative professionals with analytical and creative thinking competencies.
Communication and Relationship
To be able to communicate at all levels with appropriate manner and build better relationships by acquiring good communication skills.
Coaching and Mentoring
Understanding the role that coaching and mentoring play in the performance management context.
To take control of circumstances and achieve their own goals in their personal and working life.
Intrapreneur Leadership
To understand the role and explain the leadership competencies in driving business performance and the importance of business ownership through intrapreneurship thinking.
Planning and Organizing
To learn personal organizing strategies for work-life balance.
Presentation Skills
To learn and apply powerful tools and techniques of delivering a great presentation.
Supervisory Skills
To provide supervisors with necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviours to increase their effectiveness in their current roles.
Leadership for Team Leader
To increase confidence in their own leadership skills and become more accomplished at leading, managing, and motivating team members.
New Employee Training
To give an understanding of basic production process flow of car manufacturing to new employees.
For further inquiries on The training programmes, kindly contact DDE Admin at  03-67338888  ext. 3303 or 5377. Thank you.
For further inquiries on The training programmes, kindly contact DDE Admin at
03-67338888 ext. 3303 or 5377.
Thank you.

Shop floor Skills

Perodua Problem Solving (PPS)
To educate Perodua members on ways to clarify problems, root cause analysis and develop countermeasures.
Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
To organize a system to prevent losses and achieving zero defects, zero breakdowns, and zero accidents in the entire production system lifecycle.
Floor Management Development System (FMDS)
To level up leader’s ability to manage the shop floor.
Karakuri Dojo
To enhance the ability to do improvement activities at work site using gravitational force to transfer components from one point to another.
Mechanism Dojo
To level up knowledge on tool mechanisms and equipment at shop.
ISO 9001 Awareness
To understand the ISO 9001 requirements and the correlation between standard clauses and the process or activities related.
EMS 14001 Awareness
To provide understanding on general key changes and concepts of ISO 14001 management.
Basic Dojo + MVA Simulator
To enhance the basic knowledge on quality, production process, and vehicles.
Skill Dojo
To level up knowledge and skills of the shop processes.
Genba Management Training (GMT)
To educate on daily time management at the workplace.
Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM)
To provide multiskill training for supervisors, team leaders, and team members.
On Job Training
To learn and experience the knowledge and skills needed to perform a specific job within the workplace and work environment.
Computer Training
To enable participants to master basic skills on building future computer knowledge and expertise.
Forklift Dojo
To educate trainees to focus on safety of self and others while operating the forklift.
Hoist and Crane Training
To perform duties safely pertaining to the use, operation and handling of hoist and crane.
Quality Control Circle (QCC)
To improve safety, quality, cost efficiency, delivery and morale at the workplace.

For further inquiries on Training Programmes

Developmental and Dojo Education

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Corporate learning and development

Perodua Learning Centre

Perodua Learning and Development provides learning and development opportunities to all employees. It is to ensure employees are ready to face the automotive industry challenges by motivating and developing employees to be competent and qualified professionals. The scope of programmes includes both corporate and technical trainings focusing on basic, core, and functional competency. The programmes are carefully tailored to suit employees at all levels. We aspire to deliver quality training to develop competent professionals.

Corporate Learning And Development
PSSB DOJO is an actual work learning environment to train all HQ, Sales, Services, Parts, and Distribution Personnel.

PSSB has 5 types of DOJOs;
Foundation, Sales, Service, Parts, and Distribution Dojo

Foundation dojo

An overview of PSSB and POSB operations and company history for all staff.
Dojo - Foundation Training Venue
Dojo - Foundation and Histry training Programn
Dojo - Foundation and Background Training

Sales Dojo

To train all Sales Personnel to equip them with product and sales knowledge with practical sessions.
Dojo - Sales Training Venue
Dojo - Sales Service Training
Dojo - Sales Training on Product Knowledge

ServiceS Dojo

To train all Service Personnel to equip them with product and service knowledge with practical sessions.
Dojo - Service Training Venue
Dojo - Car Maintenance Service Training
Dojo - Customer Service Centre


To train all Parts Personnel to equip them with product and parts knowledge with practical sessions.
Dojo - Parts Training Place
Dojo - Knowing Car Parts Training
Dojo - Managing Car Parts Training

Distribution Dojo

To train all Distributions Personnel to equip them with product and distributions knowledge with practical sessions.
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