Falling ‘Head over Wheels’ in Love With Perodua’s 7 Seater SUV

Check out the drool-worthy technology of the Perodua Aruz 7-seater SUV that will have you falling ‘head over wheels’ in love.
The Perodua Aruz 7-seater SUV is striking with its sleek curves, sporty active design, and modern detailing. But what’s the point of beauty without substance?

That’s why the Perodua Aruz 7-seater SUV has been equipped with a suite of modern technology that will have you falling in love with every aspect of this dynamic SUV. Read on to discover all the reasons why you should consider the Perodua Aruz for your next car.
Perodua Aruz - 7 Seater SUV Malaysia
Perodua Aruz - 7 Seater SUV Malaysia
1) Enjoy an elevated experience at an affordable price
The Perodua Aruz 7-seater SUV is packed with modern technology and features that put this dazzling dynamite a cut above the rest of its class. With all these latest features, you’ll enjoy elevated efficiency, safety, comfort, and convenience. And the best part? It’s still affordable with an on-the-road price of RM68,526 in Peninsular Malaysia.

2) Immerse yourself in a smooth and quiet drive
Classified as an Energy Efficient Vehicle (EEV), the Perodua Aruz 7-seater SUV is built with an EEV engine that delivers an exceptionally smooth and quiet drive. Now, you can drive immersed in a quiet space or while playing your favourite tunes without that annoying background hum of a loud engine interrupting your zen moments.

3) Get the best-in-class efficiency
SUV’s typically have a reputation for being petrol guzzlers. The Perodua Aruz 7-seater SUV breaks this rule so you can rest easy. It is a certified energy-efficient vehicle with a best-in-class fuel economy of 15.6km/l. It also has an ‘Eco Idle’ system that reduces fuel consumption and emissions. This winning combination means you can get more distance with every drop.

4) Recognised by a trusted global safety standard
A lot of emphases was placed on incorporating the best and latest safety technologies when designing the Perodua Aruz 7-seater SUV. Perodua is proud that these efforts led to the recognition of a 5-star ASEAN NCAP safety rating, a globally recognised and trusted safety standard.

5) The practical safety assist technology for a more confident drive
The AV variant of the Perodua Aruz 7-seater SUV is equipped with Advanced Safety Assist (A.S.A.) 2.0 with pedestrian detection. At the heart of this system is a stereo camera on the windscreen to detect obstacles ahead. The system delivers four functions that can help reduce low to medium-speed accidents: pre-collision warning, pre-collision braking, front departure alert, and pedal misoperation control.

6) Safety for the smallest to the biggest passenger
The safety features of the Perodua Aruz 7-seater SUV provide optimal protection to passengers of every size. This spacious SUV incorporates the convenient ISOFIX system, an international standard system that allows you to safely secure any baby or child car seat directly into the car without using a seat belt. It also comes with seven 3-point seatbelts to safely buckle in all passengers.

7) Fall in love with its flexibility
Last but not least, you’ll fall in love with the flexibility of the Perodua Aruz 7-seater SUV gives you. Choose the 7-seater or 5-seater mode to accommodate different needs. Switch it up to the sports mode or leisure mode to put in your bikes, golf clubs, gym bags, shopping, or anything else! There’s even a long item mode for the flexibility to transport almost anything.

With so many reasons to get the affordable Perodua Aruz, what are you waiting for? Book your Perodua Aruz today or visit your nearest dealership to take it for a test drive.
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