Go Where Your Heart Wants You to Go
The comfort, spaciousness, and ease of the Perodua Aruz 7-seater SUV make it possible for you to drive to your heart’s content.
Are you looking for a car with the space to haul everything you need (and the people you love!) yet is still easy to drive and luxuriously comfortable? Then look no further than the Perodua Aruz 7-seater SUV.

This sleek and dynamic SUV is the perfect marriage of space, comfort, and practicality that doesn’t just please the wanderlust heart and adventurer, it’s also the perfect family car. Read on to discover all the reasons why you should consider the Perodua Aruz for your next car.
Perodua Aruz - 7 Seater SUV Malaysia
Perodua Aruz - 7 Seater SUV Malaysia
1) A sporty look that boasts a flexible space for all your needs
Choose the 7-seater or 5-seater mode with the assurance your passengers will enjoy a comfortable trip without feeling crowded. Switch it up to the sports mode, which gives you enough cabin space for bikes, golf clubs, gym bags, or anything else! There’s even a long item mode for the flexibility to transport almost anything.

2) Ever-ready for the city or your next adventure
The Perodua Aruz 7-seater SUV has been designed to be adaptable from the city to the kampung. You’ll love its ‘Eco Idle’ system that reduces fuel consumption and emissions for the times you get caught in city traffic. It also boasts a best-in-class fuel economy of 15.6km/l, making it efficient on the highways for your balik kampung trips or next adventure.

3) Rest assured your loved ones have the best protection
Rest assured your loved ones have the best protection for both daily driving and long road trips. The Perodua Aruz 7-seater SUV is equipped with Advanced Safety Assist (A.S.A.) 2.0 with pedestrian detection, vehicle stability control, traction control, anti-lock braking system, electronic brake distribution, brake assist, hill-start assist, anti-snatch hook, an ISOFIX system, and six airbags.

4) Get around small roads & spaces with ease
Need to get around a tight spot? No problem! The small turning radius of 5.2 meters makes it easy for you to manoeuvre around anything, whether you need to make a tight u-turn, get into a tight parking space, or slip through those pesky double-parkers on the streets.

5) Enjoy a peaceful drive with convenient features
A peaceful driving experience is the ultimate comfort of every trip. The Perodua Aruz 7-seater SUV is packed with convenient features that deliver peace in any driving situation. The reverse camera feature means you’ll never fear bumping into something when backing up. The auto-light control adjusts your visibility in any condition. The multimedia system with navigation and ‘Smart Link’ for Android gives you the best route to reach your destination. Last but not least, a built-in toll reader lets you conveniently zoom through tolls.

6) Protection and performance for durability you can rely on
Whether you’re driving within the city or back to your kampung, you need a reliable engine. That’s why the Perodua Aruz 7-seater SUV uses Perodua Genuine Oil, a quality lubricant specially formulated to provide maximum protection and optimised performance for durability you can rely on.

7) Total Protection for Every Driver
Designed for the whole family (and friends) in mind, the Perodua Aruz 7-seater SUV includes our Perodua Total Protect Plus (TPP). More than just the basic car insurance, our TPP includes insurance coverage for unlimited unnamed drivers at no additional cost!

With so many reasons to get the affordable Perodua Aruz 7-seater SUV, what are you waiting for? Book your Perodua Aruz 7-seater SUV today or visit your nearest dealership to take it for a test drive.
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