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General FAQ

How much do I need to pay for the booking fee?

The booking fee is collected at RM300 or not exceeding 1% according to Hire Purchase Act (1967) of the cars On the Road (OTR) price.

How much do I need to pay for the down payment?

The down payment is paid at 10% according to Hire Purchase Act (1967) of the cars On the Road (OTR) price.

Will I get a refund if I decide to cancel the booking?

Yes. You are entitled for a refund. However, a certain amount will be deducted from your refund to cover administrative fees as stated in the Vehicle Sales Order signed by you.

What is the booking cancellation process?

Place your request with the Sales Advisor to have your booking cancelled and to issue a cancellation letter, along with the original Vehicle Sales Order (VSO) and Official Receipt issued by the respective authorized Perodua Sales Outlet.

What is the interest rate offered for the loan?

Interest rate range varies depending on the bank rates as regulated by Bank Negara.

How long is the waiting period after the booking has been placed?

The waiting period differs depending on variant/model. Please refer to the Sales Advisor for the precise time based on the variant/model requested.

Panel Banks

Bank Rakyat for Malaysia 3.0

1 Promotion Items Bank Rakyat for Malaysia 3.0
2 Promotional Rates
Make/ Model Financing Amount (RM) Promo Rate (%)
ANNAQLU 1 (MOF:90%) ANNAQLU 2 (MOF:100%)
National 30,00 - 50,000 2.65 2.85
>50,000 - 100,000 2.30 2.55
>100,000 2.20 2.40
3 Promotional Period From 1st July 2021 to 28th February 2022
4 Minimum Financing Amount RM 30,000
5 Tenure of Financing Minimum : 4 years
Maximum : 9 Years
6 Registration New Registration Only
Note: Pre-Registered Cars- not exceeding 6 months from registration date (applicable for 90% MOF only)
7 Note IF the above conditions not met, normal / existing rates and conditions will be applied.

What is the visual all about?

It is about Bank Rakyat's special rate promotion starting from 1st July 2021 to 28th February 2022.

What is the maximum Margin of Financing for the rate stated in the visual?

The maximum Margin of Financing for the rate stated is 90%.

Which models of vehicle are applicable for this promotion?

  1. All models with New Registeration.
  2. For Pre-Registeration models, it must not exceed 6 months from registeration date.

What is the minimum financing amount?

Minimum financing amount is RM30,000.00.

What are the minimum and maximum tenure of financing?

Minimum and maximum tenure of financing are 4 and 9 years respectively.

What are the customer's eligibility to apply for the financing?

  1. Malaysian citizen (individual) with min age of 18 years and above and not exceeding the 60 years at the end of financing tenure.
  2. Working in Public and Private sectors.
  3. Min monthly income of RM1,500 (subject to Debt Service Ratio Calculation).

What are the basic documents required for financing application?

  1. 1 copy of MyKad.
  2. 1 copy of Driving Licence/ Passport Sized Photo.
  3. 1 copy of Latest 3 Months Pay Slips.
  4. 1 copy of Latest 3 Months Bank Statement.
  5. 1 copy of Latest EPF Statement (for Private Sector Applicant).

What are methods of payment available?

  1. Electronic Payment/Cash Payment.
  2. Salary Transfer.
  3. Biro Perkhidmatan Angkasa (BPA).
  4. Saving Account Deduction.
  5. Salary Deduction.

Is there any Takaful plan available to protect the customer during the financing tenure in the event of Death or Total Permanent Disablement (TPD)?

Yes, customers are encouraged to participate into the protection plan. The contribution amount is to be borne by customer.

How can I/we get more info of Bank Rakyat Vehicle Financing or other products?

Please log in to or toll free no: 1-300-80-5454 or email: or visit the nearest Bank Rakyat Branches.

GradHitz Program (Bank Islam)

What is Vehicle Financing-i facility?

Vehicle Financing-i facility is a term financing which is calculated based on a fixed rate. Vehicle Financing-i allows you to own your dream vehicle under the contract of Murabahah (Murabahah to the Purchase Orderer "MPO").

What is the shariah contract applicable?

The main shariah contract applied in the product is Murabahah (Murabahah to the Purchase Orderer "MPO") i.e a sale contract with a discloser of the asset cost price and profit margin to the purchaser (i.e the customer). Under this contract, there is an order and promise to purchase by the Customer prior to the seller (i.e the Bank)'s aquisition of the asset.

The mechanisme of the product is illustrated as follows:

1. Bank appoints the Customer as its Purchasing Agent to purchase the vehicle from the Dealer. Customer irrevocably and unconditionally promises (wa'd) and undertake to purchase the vehicle from the Bank.

2. The customer purchases the vehicle from the Dealer on behalf the Bank.

3. Bank sells the vehicle to the Customer on Murabahah basis. Customer pays the selling price to the Bank on deferred payment basis.

4. The Customer pledges the vehicle to the Bank as security/ collateral.

What do I get from this product?

Total Amount Financed The margin of financing is up to 90% for standard application and up to 100% for special package i.e Vehicle Financing-i Gradhitz. The final financing amount approved will be based on the Bank's credit evaluation.
Tenure Tenure of financing is up to 9 years.
Profit Rate The fixed rates for Vehicle Financing-i:
National Vehicle From 2.35% to 3.30% per annum
Non-National Vehicle From 2.35% to 2.55% per annum

Please note the above amounts and rates are indicative only. The final approved amount of your facility, tenure and profit rate is subject to Bank's approving criteria and may differ from the above.

What is my obligations?

Monthly Payment Amount The monthy payment is calculated in accordance to the formula below :

Fixed Rate:

((P X R X T ) + P) / t ,

where :

P = Financing Amount Approved
R = Profit rate per annum
T = Tenure of facility in years
t = Tenure of facility in months

Customer is obliged to pay the monthly payments until full settlement of the financing. Should the financing tenure be extended beyond the retirement age, the Customer is still obliged to pay the monthly payments. However, the customer may opt at any time to settle the financing in full.

What are the fees and charges that I have to pay?

Stamp duties (as per Stamp Act 1949 (Revised 1989)).

i. Without Guarantor RM20.00  (Letter of Offer RM10.00 and MPO  Agreement RM10.00)

ii. With Guarantor RM30.00 (Letter of Offer RM10.00 and MPO Agreement RM20.00)

What other charges do I have to pay?

You are to pay the Bank all costs (if any) for the preparation and registeration of securities documents that have been incurred by the Bank in connection with the facility including the expenses incurred during the claim process if the Facility is cancelled.

What if I fail to fullfill my obligations?

Should you fail to fullfill your obligation in a timely manner, the following shall apply:

a. Breach of Wa'd

Customer to compensate the Bank for any actual loss incurred by the Bank due to customer's breach of promise (Wa'd) and undertaking to purchase the vehicle from the Bank.

b. Late Payment
 The Bank shall imposed  Ta'widh (compensation for late payment charge) to you as follows:

  • Before maturity of the Facility

A sum equivalent to one per centum (1%)  per annum on overdue installment(s) until day of full  payment;

  • After maturity of the facility

A sum equivalent to the prevailing daily overnight Islamic Interbank Money Market Rate on outstanding balance i.e outstanding Sales Price less ibra' (if any);

  • Post judgement debt

A sum equivalent to the prevailing daily overnight Islamic Interbank Money Rate on basic judgement sum calculated from judgment date until date of full payment.

Note: The imposition of Ta'widh  shall be in such manner as approved by BNM.

c. Event of Default

  • In the event of default payment, the Bank may by written notice to you, demand for immediate payment of amount overdue from you and/or the guarantor.
  • The Bank has the right to set-off any credit balance in your deposit and/or investment account which is maintained with the Bank againts any overdue payment under this financing.
  • Legal action shall be taken againts you if you fail to response to the reminder notices. Any security pledges to the Bank (such as property, machinery, etc.) may be foreclosed/repossessed and you are to bear all costs incurred in the disposal of the assets. You are also responsible to settle any shortfall asfter the assets is sold.
  • Legal action taken againts you may affect your credit rating leading to any future credit assessment being more dificult or expensive to you.
  • Trigger of cross default of other facilities with the Bank.

What if I settle the financing in full before its maturity?

In the event of Early Settlement of the financing, the Bank undertakes to grant customer to the Customer an Ibra' (rebate) which is equivalent to the Deferred Profit at the point of settlement.

Ibra' (rebate) Formula : Ibra' /rebate on early settlement = Deferred Profit.


i. Deferred Profit = Total Contracted Profit - Acrrued Profit.

ii. Total Contracted Profit = Bank's Selling Price - Bank's Purchase Price (or financing amount).

iii. Accrued Profit is calculated based on Profit Rate of the outstanding Bank's Purchase Price (for financing amount) being disbursed (or utilized).


Early Settlement:

"Early Settlement" means Settlement prior to the expiry of the Financing tenure by the Customer including, but is not limited to the following situations:

i. Customers who make an early settlement or early redemption, including those arising from prepayments;

ii. Settlement of the original Financing contract due to financing restructuring exercise;

iii. Settlement by Customers in the case of default;and/or

iv. Settlement by Customers in the event of termination or cancellation of Financing before the maturity date.


"Early Settlement Amount" means Outstanding Bank's Selling Price minus Ibra' on Early Settlement minus undisbursed (or unutilized) amount minus advances by the Customer plus temporary excess plus advances by the Bank plus ta'widh plus Early Settlement Charges".


i. Outstanding Bank's Selling Price = Outstanding Bank's Purchase Price  (or Financing Amount) + Profit Overdue + Deferred Profit.

ii. Advances by the Bank which includes Takaful contribution/ insurance premium, legal fees, etc.

iii. Early Settlement Charges means actual costs allowed by Shariah Supervisory Council of the Bank.

Do I need a guarantor or collateral?

Requirement for guarantor is applicable on case to case basis. The financed vehicle to be pledged as colleteral.

Do I need any Takaful coverage?

You are required to take up a comprehensive Motor Takaful/Insurance coverage on the vehicle financed for the entire financing tenure.

Optional - Auto Financing Takaful Plan (AFTP) which provides Takaful protection with the sum covered upon death or Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) of the person covered.

What do I need to do if there are changes to my contact detail?

It is your responsibility and important for you to immediately inform us of any change in your contact details to ensure that all correspondences reach your in a timely manner.

Where can I get assistance and address?

If you have difficulties in making the monthly payments, you should contact us earliest possible to discuss the payment options. You may contact us at:

i. Contact Center Department,
   Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad,
   17th Floor, Menara Bank Islam,
   No.22, Jalan Perak,
   50450 Kuala Lumpur.
   Tel: 03-2690 0900

ii. Visit our website for more details

Alternatively, you may seek the services of Agensi Kaunseling dan Pengurusan Kredit (AKPK), an agency established by Bank Negara Malaysia to provide free services and money management, credit counseling, financial education and debt restructuring for individuals.
You can contact AKPK at:

Tingkat 8, Maju Junction Mall,
1001, Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2616 7766

If you wish to complaints on the products or services provided by us, you may contact us at:
Contact Center Department,
Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad,
17th Floor, Menara Bank Islam,
No.22, Jalan Perak,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-26 900 900

Fax: 03-2782 1337

If your query or complaint is not satisfactorily resolved by us, you may contact Bank Negara Malaysia LINK or TELELINK at:

Block D, Bank Negara Malaysia,
Jalan Dato' Onn,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 1-300-88-5465
Fax: 03-2174 1515

Other Vehicle Financing-i packages available?

Superbike Financing-i
Vehicle Fiancing-i GradHitz


Does the service maintenance follow the date or the mileage?

Whichever comes first. Please refer to Warranty and Service Booklet for more details.

Can I claim my Free Service (labour) if I fail to service my vehicle on time?

No. You cannot claim the free service (labour) if you fail to service your vehicle on time. The free service shall only be applicable for vehicles which comply with the terms and conditions of the service stipulated in the Owner's Manual and Service Booklet.

What parts will be replaced at each service interval and what is the price for each item?

For more details on the replacement of parts, kindly refer to our Service Booklet. You may also check with Perodua Authorised Service Centre.

What if my vehicle exceeded the date or mileage for periodical service?

We encourage you to perform periodical maintenance on time to avoid any safety issues and could void the vehicle's warranty policy.

What are the differences between PGO (Perodua Genuine Oil) sold at Perodua Service Centres and Highstreet?

The main differences are packaging and price. The packaging for Highstreet is in blue, while Service Centre has multi coloured packaging depending on the products. However, the formulation of the genuine oil for both market segments are similar. For more details, please refer to Perodua Genuine Oil page.

Is Perodua Genuine Oil available at workshops outside of Perodua Service Centre?

Yes. It comes in blue packaging available at Perodua Authorised Stockist. You may find the list of stockists at the bottom of Perodua Genuine Oil page. However, for better experience we encourage you to service your Perodua at a Perodua Authorised Service Centre.

Service Appointment

How to make a service appointment?

You may contact our nearest service centre or make the appointment through Ufirst application (Selected Outlets).

When should I make the appointment?

We would advise to make your service appointment at least one week prior.

What if I could not make it to the service appointment?

Please inform our Service Advisor in advance if you can't come on time.

Is it possible to walk into the outlet without making a service appointment?

Yes, it is possible to walk in; however, walk-in slots cannot be guaranteed and are subject to availability.

Why can't I send my vehicle for major service repair on a Saturday even by appointment?

We are unable to schedule for major service repairs on Saturdays as they are peak days. However, if there are safety issues with your vehicle that need to be urgently addressed, we may be able to proceed with a service repair. This is done on a case-by-case basis.


What is the warranty period for Perodua vehicles?

Basic warranty coverage - 3 years or 100,000km (whichever comes first).
Major parts coverage - 5 years or 150,000km (whichever comes first).
For more details please refer to your Warranty and Service Booklet.

What are the items covered under warranty?

All parts (excluding naturally expendable parts and maintenance service parts) which are subject to Perodua warranty terms, conditions and limitations.

What is the warranty period for the replacement of spare parts in my vehicle?

For warranty repair, the spare parts replacement depends on the vehicle's warranty period.

Will my warranty be void if I service my vehicle at a non-authorised service centre?

Yes. Please refer to Warranty and Service Booklet for detailed information on the exclusion of warranty and other situations which will render your warranty void.

Can I modify my vehicle without affecting its warranty coverage?

Warranty will be void if any damage is caused by, or resulting from, any modification made to the vehicle. Please refer to Warranty and Service Booklet for detailed information on the exclusion of warranty and other situations which will render your warranty void.

I lost my Warranty and Service Booklet. Where can I get a new one?

Please refer to any Perodua Authorised Service Centre for more information.


Perodua #WeGoBeyond Lyrics Contest

What is this contest about?

On 14 December 2021, Perodua released an original song and music video featuring Haqiem Rusli. The last two lines of the song are incomplete,and contest participants are required to complete the lyrics on any related posting of this contest on Perodua's Facebook for their chance to win the latest flagship smartphone and cash prizes.


Apakah peraduan ini?

Pada 14 Disember 2021, Perodua melancarkan sebuah lagu dan video muzik menampilkan Haqiem Rusli. Lirik pada 2 baris akhir lagu ini tidak lengkap, justeru peserta perlu melengkapkannya pada mana-mana hantaran Peraduan di Facebook PERODUA untuk berpeluang memenuhi telefon pintar terkini dan wang tunai.

How do i join this contest?

Watch the #WeGoBeyond music video posted on 14 December 2021, complete the last 2 lines of the song and share the lyrics on any related posting of this contest on Perodua's Facebook page with the hashtag #WeGoBeyond #Perodua. Complete your entry by submitting your details via the Google Form link on the related Facebook postings.


Bagaimanakah caranya untuk menyertai Peraduan?

Tonton video muzik #WeGoBeyond yang disiarkan pada 14 Disember 2021, kemudian lengkapkan lirik pada 2 baris akhir lagu tersebut pada mana-mana hantaran Peraduan di Facebook Perodua berserta hashtag #WeGoBeyond #Perodua. Seterusnya, lengkapkan butiran peribadi menerusi Borang Pautan Google pada hantaran Facebook tersebut.

When does the contest entry submission period end?

All eligible entry/entries must be received by 14 January 2022.

Bilakah tarikh akhir untuk menghantar penyertaan?

Penyertaan perlu dihantar selewat-lewatnya pada 14 Januari 2022.

What are the judging criteria?

A panel of judges selected by PERODUA will select 6 of the most creative, original and well-structured lyrics as winners if this contest.


Apakah criteria penghakiman?

Panel hakim yang dipilih oleh PERODUA akan memilih 6 lirik paling kreatif, asli dan mempunyai struktur frasa yang baik sebagai pemenang Peraduan ini.

How will I be notified if I won the contest?

You will be notified via phone and will need to verify your personal details with the contest management team.


Bagaimanakah pemenang akan menerima makluman kemenangan?

Pemenang akan menerima makluman kemenangan menerusi panggilan telefon. Pemenang perlu mengesahkan butiran peribadi dengan pihak pengurusan Peraduan.

What are the prizes?

One grand prize winner will receive the latest flagship smartphone or a cash prize equivalent value, and five consolation winners will receive a RM500 cash prize.


Apakah hadiah-hadiah yang ditawarkan?

Seorang pemenang utama akan menerima telefon pintar terkini atau wang tunai yang sama nilainya, manakala lima pemenang sagu hati akan menerima wang tunai RM500 setiap satu.

When will the winners receive the prizes?

Prizes will be distributed within a few weeks after the contest submission period ends. Further details will be closed on Perodua's Facebook page at a later date.


Bilakah pemenang akan menerima hadiah?

Pemenang akan menerima hadiah dalam tempoh beberapa minggu selepasa tempoh serahan penyertaan berakhir. Makluman lanjut mengenainya akan dsiarkan di Facebook PERODUA kelak.

What required of me if my lyrics are selected as the winning choice?

The contest management team will request for the winner's email in order to send a form to fill in their details. The contest management team may also need to verify winners through confirmation of details including :

  • Contestant's full name (as per IC)

  • Contestant's IC number

Apakah yang diperlukan daripada saya jika lirik saya dipilih sebagai pemenang?

Pihak pengurusan Peraduan akan mendapatkan butiran e-mel pemenang untuk mengahantar borang butiran peribadi yang perlu diisi oleh pemenang. Selain itu, pihak pengurusan Peraduan juga mungkin perlu mengesahkan butiran peribadi pemenang termasuk :

  • Nama penuh pemenang (seperti dalam Mykad)

  • Nombor Mykad pemenang

When is the winners announcement date?

Winners will be announced within the last week of February 2022.


Bilakah tarikh pengumuman pemenang?

Pengumuman Pemenang akan dilakukan pada minggu terakhir bulan Februari 2022.

Are multiple entries allowed?

Participant may submit more than one entry. Incomplete entries will be disqualified.


Adakah peserta boleh menghantar lebih dari satu penyertaan?

Peserta boleh menghantar lebih daripada satu penyertaan. Penyertaan yang tidak lengkap akan terbatal.

Who is eligible to join?

The contest is open to individuals residing in Malaysia, age 16 years and above as of 1 March 2021 who reside in Malaysia and have a valid Mykad and bank acount in Malaysia.


Siapakah yang layak untuk menyertai Peraduan ini?

Peraduan ini terbuka kepada individu-berumur 16 tahun dan ke atas pada 1 Mac 2021 yang bermastautin di Malaysia, mempunyai Mykad yang sah dan akaun bank di Malaysia.

How will prizes be delivered?

The grand prize will be sent via courier, and cash prizes will be sent via bank transfer.


Bagaimanakah hadiah-hadiah akan dihantar?

Hadiah utama akan dihantar menggunakan perkhidmatan kurier, manakala hadiah wang tunai akan dihantar menerusi pindahan bank.

Will my entry be accepted if I submit it on an unrelated post or on any Perodua post?

No, only entries submitted on the official Perodua Facebook lyrics contest with the hashtag #WeGoBeyond #Perodua will be accepted.


Adakah penyertaan saya akan menerima jika ia dikongsikan pada hantaran yang tidak berkaitan atau pada mana-mana hantaran PERODUA (contoh, di instagram)?

Penyertaan tersebut tidak diterima. Hanya penyertaan yang dikongsikan pda hantaran Peraduan di Facebook rasmi PERODUA berserta hashtag #WeGoBeyond #Perodua sahaja akan diterima.

Terma & Syarat

Please note that the FAQs above are for general information only.
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