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How much do I need to pay for the booking fee?

The booking fee is collected at RM300 or not exceeding 1% according to Hire Purchase Act (1967) of the cars On the Road (OTR) price.

How much do I need to pay for the down payment?

The down payment is paid at 10% according to Hire Purchase Act (1967) of the cars On the Road (OTR) price.

Will I get a refund if I decide to cancel the booking?

Yes. You are entitled for a refund. However, a certain amount will be deducted from your refund to cover administrative fees as stated in the Vehicle Sales Order signed by you.

What is the booking cancellation process?

Place your request with the Sales Advisor to have your booking cancelled and to issue a cancellation letter, along with the original Vehicle Sales Order (VSO) and Official Receipt issued by the respective authorized Perodua Sales Outlet.

What is the interest rate offered for the loan?

Interest rate range varies depending on the bank rates as regulated by Bank Negara.

How long is the waiting period after the booking has been placed?

The waiting period differs depending on variant/model. Please refer to the Sales Advisor for the precise time based on the variant/model requested.

My First Car (AmBank)

What is this First Time Buyer Programme all about?

This Progamme is a joint collaboration between AmBank and Perodua that targets first-time car buyers.

What is the campaign period?

This campaign is valid for application received and approved during the campaign period between 1 October 2020 until 31 December 2020.

Is everyone eligible for this campaign?

No, applicant must meet the following requirements :



Applicant must be a salaried employee and a first-time car buyer.


Age of applicant must be below 30 years old at the point of financing application.

Gross Monthly Income (GMI)

  • The basic salary for an individual applicant must be at least RM1,500 per month.

  • For any applicant who does not meet the income requirement, a guarantor i.e. parent or spouse only, can jointly apply with a minimum combined income of RM3,500 per month.

What is the maximum financing tenure?

The financing tenure is up to 9 years.

What is the margin of financing that i can obtain from the bank?

The financing is up to 90% of the invoice price.

Where can i refer to for more details?

You may visit, fill up your particular and our sales team will contact you soon.

Go Go Graduates (Maybank)

What is Murabahah Vehicle Term Financing-Islamic (MVTF-i) ?

MVTF-i is an islamic Term financing offered to individual for their automobile financing needs. The purpose of the financing is to purchase of brand New/Reconditioned passenger vehicles.

What is the different between MVTF-i (Graduate Segment) and the existing Islamic Hire Purchase AITAB?


ITEM MVTF-i for graduate Segment AITAB

Max Margin of Finance

Up to 100%

Up to 95%

Profit Calculation

Balance on monthly rest

Rule 78

Capitalization of Takaful Protection Product

Can be capitalized

Cannot be capitalized


Who is the target segment?

Graduate with jobs :-

  1. Degree Holder
  2. Employed for at least 6 months with a minimum salary RM3,000
  3. Age between 21 - 30 years old

Is a guarantor required for this facility?

  1. For those with less than 6 months of employement, parents may serve as guarantor provided parents meet the income requirement with good CCRIS record.
  2. Guarantee by parents with household income minimum at RM5,000 is acceptable for those applicants with income range between RM2,000 to RM3,000.

What if customer fully settled the financing before its maturity?

If customer fully settled the financing before its maturity:-

  1. Customer will need to pay the outstanding balance, current monthly profit and any amount due and payable to the bank.
  2. No Early Settlement Fee will be charged.
  3. Customer will enjoy rebates on the outstanding Bank's Selling Price upon full settlement of the financing amount.

If customer have defaulted on the monthly instalments, can the Bank claim from the guarantor?

Yes. The Bank can claim the payment from the guarantor because the guarantor has agreed to undertake the liability to pay customer indebtedness in the event of your default.

Does the customer still have to pay the monthly instalments if the vehicle is stolen?

Yes. This is because the liability to pay the monthly instalment does not cease with the loss of the vehicle. However, the customers may claim from the takaful company, the market value of the insured vehicle or the sum insured, whichever is lower.


Service Centre Extended Working Hours


Has the Service Centre Extended Working Hours started its new operational hours?

Yes, from 15 June 2020 onwards.


What are the new operational hours?

We start from 8.00am until 9.00pm; the last service appointment is at 8.30pm. For East Malaysia, business starts from 7.45am until 8.45pm; the last service appointment is at 8.15pm.


What are the benefits of the Extended Working Hours? 

Safety is our utmost priority. Thus, we would like to ensure that there will be limited customers and staff on rotational basis (during the designated service slot). This way, we can give extra focus to these limited customers during the designated time slot. 


Is it important to make an appointment before I drop by at a service centre of my choice?

Yes. It’s highly recommended for a prior appointment to be made in order for us to give you our best service. 


I was made to understand that this facility is available at selected service centres. Which ones are those?

Selected outlets offer extended working hours for now. This covers 16 Service branches and three B&P hubs. We will extend it to other service outlets if there is a demand. For more details on these outlets, please click here 


Selected Outlets
Region Branch
Central 1 PSSB Subang Jaya-Service
PSSB Petaling Jaya (3S)-Service
PSSB Keramat-Service
Central 2 PSSB Glenmarie (3S)-Service
PSSB Balakong (3S)-Service
PSSB Puchong (3S)-Service
Southern PSSB Johor Bahru 1 (3S)-Service
PSSB Johor Bahru 2 (3S)-Service
PSSB Seremban (3s) -Service
Northern PSSB Juru (3S)-Service
PSSB Penang-Service
PSSB Ipoh 1-Service
East Coast PSSB Kota Bharu 1 (3S)-Service
PSSB Kuantan 2-Service
East Malaysia PSSB Kuching 1 (3S)-Service
PSSB Kota Kinabalu 2-Service
B&P Hub PSSB Hub Subang Jaya-B&P Hub
PSSB Hub Balakong-B&P Hub
PSSB Hub Kota Bharu-B&P Hub


Am I expected to leave the service centre after I deliver my car or it is possible to remain at the premises?

You have the option to stay put at the service outlet until your vehicle is ready. However, only one (1) customer per vehicle is allowed. While you are at our premises, you are required to adhere to the social distancing guidelines.


Alternatively, is it possible to drop off my car key to the respective person-in-charge?

Yes, we accept the option of leaving the car key behind with the condition that it must be collected during the same rotational hours.


Is there any major difference between morning and evening service?

The services are similar in general. Please take note that for evening service, basics check will be done as we will not perform any test drive to identify the vehicle’s issues. For cases that require test drive, it is best to leave your vehicle overnight for further inspection.


Are there additional charges for evening services?

No. The service rate for the vehicle maintenance remains the same.


Do you accept cash payment during COVID-19?

Yes, we do. However, for everyone’s safety, we urge our customers to use contactless payment through credit or debit card.


Will Perodua sanitize my vehicle after completion of the service?

Yes. It is our responsibility to make sure your vehicle is well-sanitized BEFORE and AFTER completion of each service maintenance.


What are the mandatory precaution steps that I need to be aware of before visiting the service centres?

1. To call in advance to check on the operating days and hours of the selected Service Outlets, as to secure a prior appointment.

2. Only 1 (one) customer per vehicle allowed to enter the premises.

3. Temperature check and record customer’s details upon arrival at the outlet.

4. To wear face mask and to sanitize hands upon entering the service reception area. 

5. Customers are advised to adhere to social distancing markings.

6. No refreshment and reading materials (encourage to bring on your own).

7. Cashless payments are encouraged.

8. Vehicle will be sanitized before it is returned.


What happens if my vehicle warranty period expires during MCO before I could arrange for a booking appointment? Is there a grace period for me to resume my service?

Perodua Service Centres resumed operations on 9 June 2020. If your vehicle warranty expired during the MCO (18 March 2020 until 9 June 2020), we will accept all repairs under warranty based on our current policies and procedures. We also wish to highlight that every service-related complaint during the MCO must reach us within 30 days; starting from 9 June 2020 until 8 July 2020.


In the event that I have misplaced my vehicle’s Owner Manual, is there another way for me to obtain a copy?

Yes, there is. Please download a copy of it from here 

Does the service maintenance follow the date or the mileage?

Whichever comes first. Please refer to Warranty and Service Booklet for more details.

Can I claim my Free Service (labour) if I fail to service my vehicle on time?

No. You cannot claim the free service (labour) if you fail to service your vehicle on time. The free service shall only be applicable for vehicles which comply with the terms and conditions of the service stipulated in the Owner's Manual and Service Booklet.

What parts will be replaced at each service interval and what is the price for each item?

For more details on the replacement of parts, kindly refer to our Service Booklet. You may also check with Perodua Authorised Service Centre.

What if my vehicle exceeded the date or mileage for periodical service?

We encourage you to perform periodical maintenance on time to avoid any safety issues and could void the vehicle's warranty policy.

What are the differences between PGO (Perodua Genuine Oil) sold at Perodua Service Centres and Highstreet?

The main differences are packaging and price. The packaging for Highstreet is in blue, while Service Centre has multi coloured packaging depending on the products. However, the formulation of the genuine oil for both market segments are similar. For more details, please refer to Perodua Genuine Oil page.

Is Perodua Genuine Oil available at workshops outside of Perodua Service Centre?

Yes. It comes in blue packaging available at Perodua Authorised Stockist. You may find the list of stockists at the bottom of Perodua Genuine Oil page. However, for better experience we encourage you to service your Perodua at a Perodua Authorised Service Centre.

Service Appointment

How to make a service appointment?

You may contact our nearest service centre or make the appointment through Ufirst application (Selected Outlets).

When should I make the appointment?

We would advise to make your service appointment at least one week prior.

What if I could not make it to the service appointment?

Please inform our Service Advisor in advance if you can't come on time.

Is it possible to walk into the outlet without making a service appointment?

Yes, it is possible to walk in; however, walk-in slots cannot be guaranteed and are subject to availability.

Why can't I send my vehicle for major service repair on a Saturday even by appointment?

We are unable to schedule for major service repairs on Saturdays as they are peak days. However, if there are safety issues with your vehicle that need to be urgently addressed, we may be able to proceed with a service repair. This is done on a case-by-case basis.


What is the warranty period for Perodua vehicles?

Basic warranty coverage - 3 years or 100,000km (whichever comes first).
Major parts coverage - 5 years or 150,000km (whichever comes first).
For more details please refer to your Warranty and Service Booklet.

What are the items covered under warranty?

All parts (excluding naturally expendable parts and maintenance service parts) which are subject to Perodua warranty terms, conditions and limitations.

What is the warranty period for the replacement of spare parts in my vehicle?

For warranty repair, the spare parts replacement depends on the vehicle's warranty period.

Will my warranty be void if I service my vehicle at a non-authorised service centre?

Yes. Please refer to Warranty and Service Booklet for detailed information on the exclusion of warranty and other situations which will render your warranty void.

Can I modify my vehicle without affecting its warranty coverage?

Warranty will be void if any damage is caused by, or resulting from, any modification made to the vehicle. Please refer to Warranty and Service Booklet for detailed information on the exclusion of warranty and other situations which will render your warranty void.

I lost my Warranty and Service Booklet. Where can I get a new one?

Please refer to any Perodua Authorised Service Centre for more information.

Please note that the FAQs above are for general information only.
Should you require any further clarification, please contact one of our  Perodua Outlets.

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